Youth policy

Youth policy is a key focus area for us. It comprises a system of measures aimed at recruiting young employees and creating the necessary conditions and opportunities to ensure their successful development.

Indicators of work with young professionals
Total number of young employees Young employees – employees of PJSC LUKOIL and LUKOIL Group subsidiaries aged up to 35, including young professionals. Young professionals are employees under the age of 46, who have a higher or secondary professional education, joined the Company based on their educational background, including blue-collar professions, within six months after graduating from an academic institution or within three months after completing their military service with the Russian Armed Forces. 42,772
Number of young professionals 1,945
Recruited young employees 12,125
including young professionals 706
Number of students trained under contracts with LUKOIL Group subsidiaries 295
Number of students on internships at LUKOIL Group subsidiaries 2,950

R&D competitions and conferences. R&D competitions and conferences are held annually. In 2016 events were held at 31 LUKOIL Group subsidiaries in Russia.

Councils of Young Professionals. The goal of these Councils is to help young employees adapt to working conditions at LUKOIL. Off-site meetings of the LUKOIL Group Council of Young Professionals are held annually in Russian regions. In 2017 an event was hosted in Sochi at the Sirius Educational Center, as part of Russian Health and Safety Week. The participants drafted proposals which will serve as the basis for the new Integrated Target Program for Working with Youth.

Young Professionals Day. Young Professionals Day is an annual event. In 2017 the day included a LUKOIL City teambuilding training course, with 150 people participating, and the second round of the “Club of Merry Oil Workers.”

Young Professional of the Year contest. In 2017 the results of the 12th Annual Young Professional of the Year were announced. The contest featured 122 participants in 22 categories, and 59 young professionals from LUKOIL Group subsidiaries were declared winners.

Meeting Between Generations corporate evening. In 2017 a corporate evening entitled Meeting Between Generations was held. The event was attended by young and long-term employees of the Company. The event included the awards ceremony of the 12th Young Professional of the Year from LUKOIL Group subsidiaries of the Moscow Region and a concert from the Alexandrov Ensemble.