Professional standards and employee performance evaluation

In 2017, work continued to bring the job duties and qualifications of employees in line with the requirements of professional standards. Towards this end, uniform approaches to working with professional standards at LUKOIL Group subsidiaries were drafted.

A Qualifications Evaluation CenterIn connection with the adoption of Federal Law FZ-238 dated 3 July 2016, “On the Independent Appraisal of Qualifications”. was set up, on the basis of LUKOIL-INFORM. In October 2017 the Board for Professional Qualifications in the Oil and Gas Sector approved the Qualifications Evaluation Center of LUKOIL-INFORM.

For the first time, an independent appraisal of qualifications is being carried out in the industry. This process will make it possible to raise the professional level of oil and gas enterprise employees and to improve the quality of human capital in the industry.

Performance evaluation of PJSC LUKOIL employees, 2015-2017
2015 2016 2017
Employees that underwent performance evaluation, total 1,973 2,015 2,109
Headcount of PJSC LUKOIL as at 31 December of each year 2,204 2,277 2,331
Percentage of employees that underwent performance evaluation 89.5% 88.5% 90.5%

Note. The percentage of employees that underwent performance evaluation is calculated using the formula: in the numerator – the total number of employees who underwent performance evaluation; in the denominator – the headcount of personnel as at 31 December of the corresponding calendar year.