Employment and the diversity of labor resources

We seek to apply unified principles and approaches to our work with personnel in all the countries and regions in which we operate, always taking into account local specifics and characteristics. The principles and norms set forth in our staffing policy and other internal regulations are binding on all LUKOIL Group subsidiaries. These documents determine the procedure for recruiting, selecting, and evaluating personnel, determining employment terms and conditions, and actions regarding seconded employees and their family members in the event of emergencies and other issues.

Share of managerial staff from the local population at foreign subsidiaries of LUKOIL Group
Senior management Senior management is understood to mean the Chief Executive Officer (Managing Director/General Director) and his deputies in functional areas. 219
Including from local populationThe local population is understood to mean employees that are registered as or are citizens in the foreign countries where the Company operates. 74
Share of local management 34%

LUKOIL provides opportunities for suitably qualified local employees to fill vacancies – including managerial ones – in its regions of operation. In European countries, the share of representatives from the local population in management is higher than average for the Company (between 40% and 100%). Our fundamental approach is to recruit the best specialists to the Company and provide them with the opportunities they need to fully realize their potential.

The professional recruitment and deployment of management facilitates results in consistently high levels of performance and the effective management of LUKOIL Group subsidiaries. If no executives can be recruited from local markets at foreign subsidiaries, Russian employees recognized as having high potential are seconded to managerial positions in order to support and disseminate uniform standards and the corporate culture of LUKOIL Group, as well as to expand competencies through work experience on international projects.