Support for children and childcare institutions

Our support program for childcare institutions (family support and childhood centers) is a priority within LUKOIL’s charity activity. We decided to provide support in this area long before the topic came to the attention of society. Our goal is to create conditions that provide the best start in life for children deprived of parental care.

The Company has helped resolve numerous issues encountered by sponsored childcare institutions: buildings now have modern interiors, and classrooms are equipped with suitable furniture and educational materials.

As a result of reforms to the guardianship system, the requirements of childcare institutions in the social sector in Russia have changed. It is for this reason that LUKOIL is intensifying its activity focused on the long-term personal development of children and their socialization and adaptation to independent life.

An acute problem faced by the children we support is the lack of an appropriate adult role model to communicate with, as a result of a breakdown in parent-child relations. We attempt to help resolve this complex issue through voluntary activities involving our young professionals.

The Company continues to help the graduates of sponsored orphanages obtain an education by providing them with grants. In 2017, 49 graduates received support in this area. We provide vocational training and also pay attention to the creative development of children. Towards this end, we hold the children’s drawing contest “We’re Drawing the Kremlin” and a special program as part of the Spasskaya Tower festival.

Orphanages in Serbia

The clients of LUKOIL filling stations in the cities of Niš and Novi Sad in Serbia selected orphanages to be supported by the Company in 2017: the Institution for Mar’s Children and the Center for Housing Orphans and Adoption in Nish, and the Orphanage for Street Children and the House for Children and Young People with Development Disorders in Novi Sad. The Company also provides assistance to the Primary School of Boško Buha for children with development disorders.

Spasskaya Tower – for children

As part of the annual musical festival Spasskaya Tower we implement a charity campaign that has already become a tradition for the young residents in family support and children centers. Educational master classes and lectures are organized for the young residents, who get to see real officer uniforms and weaponry, and also enjoy performances by musical bands and equestrian shows. In 2017 pupils from the Assistance Center for Family Education Kahovskie Romashki and the Center for Family and Childhood Support in Zelenograd came to Moscow to attend an event, joining the Center for Family and Childhood Support of the North-West Administrative District of Moscow.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the festival, an Art Object was placed in the area – a pumping unit for the production of oil. In addition, we developed theme-based drawings that the children were able to color in on special easels placed in the children’s village.