LUKOIL’s sports program aims to promote healthy lifestyles and sport in general, and expand the number of grassroots sports projects and the diversity of their formats. The organized approach we adopt to achieving these aims includes providing continual support to sports organizations (clubs, federations, leagues, etc.) through the LUKOIL Sports Club.

We help both professional and amateur teams and are constantly looking for new ideas to implement social initiatives in this area. A sponsorship program is being developed to improve the accessibility of sports lessons for people with disabilities, in particular an adaptive physical culture. The implementation of the program is scheduled for 2018.

In 2017 the Company sponsored the charity hockey campaign entitled With a Pure Heart, with proceeds going towards sponsoring sportsmen and children with disabilities.

In 2017 the LUKOIL Racing Team turned 20. A leading racing team, both in Russia and globally, in its anniversary year it won numerous races in Russian and international tournaments. As well as participating in tournaments, the team trains drivers and advances their careers, and develops, tests, manufactures, and prepares racing cars for competitions.

The Company sponsors the football club Spartak-Moscow, the non-profit organization Unified Basketball League, the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation, the LUKOIL Racing Team, the Handball Club “Zarya Kaspiya”, the Spartak-Volgograd Water Polo Club, the Children’s Football League, and the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A children’s and youth sports school has been established under the auspices of the Handball Club “Zarya Kaspiya”, where around 900 young sportsmen regularly practice.

The Children’s Champions Cup of LUKOIL (LUKOIL Cup) is an international social project aimed at tackling racial intolerance and discrimination in football. The project unites the national associations and clubs of 40 countries and has over 3,500 participants. Children’s teams from countries in Europe and Asia and well-known football players participate in the project. The Project Ambassadors are stars from global football and coaches who have won international trophies in professional sports.

In 2017 the format and geography of the tournament were expanded: the Russian rounds of the tournament were held in the Russian cities of Sochi, Kazan, St. Petersburg, as well as Perm and Tula. The winners of the regional stages arrived in Moscow for the national final, with the winner (“Rubin”, Kazan) participating in the final round in Bulgaria.

Since 2001 LUKOIL has been supporting one of the largest children’s sport organizations – the regional public organization Children’s Football League. The tournament draws together over 4,000 thousand participants from 50 countries. The final round of the tournament draw in 2017 was held in the main arena of the Bulgarian club Levsky (Sofia), with more than a 1,000 people attending.