Health and safety training

Each year LUKOIL Group subsidiaries carry out actions to increase employee awareness surrounding industrial, fire, and occupational safety, to develop the required skills and to increase the quality of training in this area. Main actions include:

  • the delivery of face-to-face and remote training, retraining, and advanced training of employees
  • updating health and safety training and control programs
  • the deployment of a special training system for staff operating hazardous equipment
  • increasing safety related communications

To develop a culture of safety and to perfect the actions required in emergencies, LUKOIL organized a mass training of employees in 2017 on the topics “Health and Safety” and “Providing First Aid To Those Injured At Work”. A decision was taken to make extensive use of situational training simulators. Such simulators are used to practice the actions to be taken in the event of emergencies and also improve the technical skills required for the safe operation of complex equipment.

By leveraging the advantages offered by distance learning systems (DLS), employees can independently enhance their skills, test how well they have assimilated the materials on each topic, and undergo certification procedures. In 2017 programs were undertaken to raise the quality of DLS education and, in particular, to provide additional training.

In 2018 there are plans to implement a project to use electronic briefings in the DLS system.

Total amount of health and safety training, man-hours
Subsidiaries 2015 2016 2017
Total, including: 57,332 47,560 56,481
Russian subsidiaries of LUKOIL Group 38,783 33,898 42,114
Foreign subsidiaries of LUKOIL Group 18,549 13,662 14,367