Interaction with trade unions on health and safety issues

The International Association of Trade Union Organizations of PJSC LUKOIL (IATUO) is dedicated to safeguarding the legal interests and rights of employees to healthy and safe working conditions and to working jointly on these issues with the administration of the Company on the basis of social partnership principles.

Trade unions that are members of IATUO pay particular attention to the quality of employee training on safe working techniques and methods, compliance with safety requirements, prevention of occupational injuries and diseases, the status of medical services, the provision of individual and group protection gear, and notification of employees about work safety and other areas designed to inculcate a culture of work safety.

IATUO includes an institute of technical labor inspectors and around 2,000 authorized employee representatives dealing with health and safety issues. These employees monitor compliance with the occupational safety obligations of the Company contained in the collective bargaining agreements of LUKOIL Group subsidiaries.